Why fieldwork?

Fieldwork is: getting to know nature and enjoying your surroundings. Fieldwork is going for it!

Fieldwork gives nature and environmental education a new, attractive form with a high-quality content! Students acquire knowledge, insight and skills through fieldwork which they need to interact with their surroundings, non-living and living nature, on the right way.

Students do a fieldwork bike trip around the accommodation and conduct own research. Questions will naturally arise by looking, experience and doing research.

The advantages of fieldwork are:

  • They develop an investigative approach
  • Students stimulate their own motivation
  • Because they create their own questions, they develop a critical attitude
  • A higher appreciation is developed for nature, the environment and the landscape
  • They work independently and in groups, students learn to work together
  • Students learn best if they study in their natural environment, complete with smell, colour, sound and relationships with other organisms