Sleeping Beauty

Did you know that some moths hibernate? Team Hei- en Boeicop encountered the herald (Scoliopteryx libatrix) during his winter sleep in the barn. The species seeks a dry place in early November where it stays until April-May. What is special about this species is that it hibernates with bats, which also hibernate in cellars and attics. The sedation is on the bat’s menu, yet they hibernate together in harmony.

The name of the herald has to do with the back of the wings. These look a bit like curtains ruffles, hence the name. The herald has completely adapted to the season, it feeds on the food that is available at that time. In the spring it drinks nectar from the willow catkins, in the summer overripe blackberry juice and in the autumn, it feeds on nectar from the ivy.

Other species that hibernate are the peacock eye (see photo above), the hackled aurelia and the little fox.