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Badger with a story – In the Oeverlanden

In the summer of 2022, a unique find was observed in the Oeverlanden. At the edge of the driveway they found an European badger (Meles Meles). The badger was already dead and most likely hit by a car. Badgers have never before been observed in the Oeverlanden, which makes the discovery of the badger very […]

The 4 mushroom tips for in the field

It’s autumn… It’s time to look for mushrooms! Damp autumn weather is the ideal time to look for and identify mushrooms. We have set up a video with a number of tips so that you are sure to be successful. Watch the video here! Which species have you spotted? 1 Look below, above or on […]

(Benthic) Animal Day

Animals are important! They are part of a community of life. A meadow is an example of a community. The elderberry, grasshopper and frog are (in)directly dependent on each other within the area. A collection of different living communities is called an ecosystem. Like a forest and heathland. Animals are an important part of our […]

Free film festival for primary school and high school

From October the 4th to the 10th, the annual Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) will take place in the Cinerama, Rotterdam. The festival focuses in particular on nature and environmental education for students. As a school you can participate for free in the educational program of the WFFR, both for BO and VO. Is Rotterdam […]

Heat wave: 4 tips to give nature a helping hand!

It is WARM, so warm that the nature around us is struggling. We have set up 4 tips to give the plants and animals a helping hand during this heat wave! Just from your own garden… 1. Give the animals some water Give the wild animals in the garden water. How do you do this […]

Natuurkampen is going to renew!

And that starts with a new logo. We came up with this new logo in collaboration with Renate Verboom .Design. Renate Verboom is a graphic designer and has contributed to the new corporate identity of Natuurkampen. Renate: ”I like to create new designs for green companies. To make my designs even more sustainable, I donate […]

Bird watching, counting and sent

At the end of January we will again participate in the National Bird Count, organized by the Vogelbescherming, from Natuurkampen. The bird count is important to map the bird species and therefore better protect them. Will you join us? The Bird Protection has developed a handy tool to determine together with the students in the […]

A Woolly Red List Species in the Schelphoek

It is a 16 cm mouse with a blunt head and brown fur. It is the oldest vole species in the Netherlands. It already inhabited our earth during the last ice age: it is the Arctic vole (Alexandromys oeconomus arenicola). Due to the closed delta works and the shifting of the polders and salt marshes, […]

Are there microplastics in my shower gel?

Did you know that many products contain mini pieces of plastic? You will find them in care products, soaps, toothpaste and much more… These plastic particles of approximately one millimeter are called microbeads. The granules can easily go through the sewage, which makes them very harmful to the environment. You can do your own research […]

Sleeping Beauty

Did you know that some moths hibernate? Team Hei- en Boeicop encountered the herald (Scoliopteryx libatrix) during his winter sleep in the barn. The species seeks a dry place in early November where it stays until April-May. What is special about this species is that it hibernates with bats, which also hibernate in cellars and […]