The Schelphoek – House Rules

Sufficient competent and responsible management must be present during the entire period of stay. The management / contact person must ensure that the group is aware of the rules and agreements made and that it adheres to them.


A week before arrival, the time of arrival (key transfer) and whether or not commutation cleaning (purchase wet cleaning € 180) and use of dishwasher (€ 40 per weekend, € 60 per midweek and € 80 per week) will be charged. week) by phone or email. The management / contact person reports at the agreed time. A short tour is given with practical directions. The readings of the gas and electricity meters are recorded. The departure time will be agreed.


The areas are cleaned before departure: dry areas are swept and vacuumed, wet areas are cleaned and mopped (if no commutation has been agreed). The management checks whether sufficient cleaning has been carried out. PLEASE NOTE: If the final cleaning is not carried out completely or thoroughly enough, we will charge €30 per hour for extra cleaning. The meter reading is recorded and the final bill is made (energy consumption, extra persons, any cleaning and damage costs). The key is handed in.

Fire prevention

Smoking: it is allowed to smoke on the premises. Clear up butts immediately after extinguishing in the doppit (hanging box on the right of the conservatory) and not on the ground. It is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the buildings.

Deep-fat fryer: it is prohibited to use other cooking appliances such as a deep-fat fryer in the Schelphoek, due to the fire safety permit.

Tea lights / candles: only allowed in the downstairs room in the main building, provided they are placed on saucers or in holders (like jam jars). Continuous presence of management is mandatory.

Open fire: It is allowed to keep a small fire in the buried barbecue box, PLEASE NOTE that this also remains inside the box. Gathering wood for a fireplace or barbecue is NOT allowed on the private property. Only dead wood that is easy to pick up, no whole tree trunks. See map for the boundaries of the private property. Before leaving, clean the box or fireplace for the next group. The ashes can be placed in the container, provided they have cooled down WELL.


Certain pets are allowed, only in the main building, subject to timely consultation.


There is a table tennis table on site (bring your own bats and balls), large chess game, trampoline and volleyball court.


  • It is not allowed to hold droppings on the site and the immediate vicinity
  • Forest games are only allowed in the forest on private property
  • No noisy activities are allowed after 10pm

Use beds

You must ensure that everyone puts a fitted sheet around the mattress and a pillowcase around the pillow. It is not allowed to bring food or drinks into the dormitory.


Waste should be separated: glass and paper in separate containers. The remaining waste goes into the large grey roll container. You must also ensure that no waste is roaming around the site, but that it is deposited in the appropriate containers.

Washing line

You can use the washing line on the side of the main building, check before departure whether you have collected everything. Diving suits and other heavy wet materials may be hung from the tubes between the clotheslines.

Shoes and boots

You can hang dirty or wet shoes on the outside of the dormitory building or place them in the appropriate bins in the hallway in the dormitory building.


  • Fishing: Fishing in the lake is allowed if in possession of the sport fishing license and a correct fishing license.
  • Swimming: Swimming is allowed from the jetty. Keep in mind that just before the jetty the depth is 1.5 m and after a few meters the depth is already about 10 m.
  • Sail: It is allowed to play with an inflatable boat. This is not allowed with other boats.
  • Parking: Cars may only be parked in the designated parking space. Not on the lawn.
  • Outer area: In the area outside the private property, the rules of Staatsbosbeheer apply.


We assume that you handle the accommodation and inventory with care and that you adequately supervise all areas. Should damage nevertheless occur, please report it to us as soon as possible, so that repair can be arranged in time and in consultation. If you notice any damage in and around the accommodation upon arrival, please report this to the manager.