Hei- en Boeicop

The village Hei- en Boeicop is located in the Vijfheerenlanden, in the centre of the country. It is about 20 km. From Utrecht.  It is a beautiful open area with panoramic views over the meadows, it is almost impossible to get any more Dutch. The accommodation comprises three detached buildings. The building with the dining room with large kitchen is located behind the farm of the administrator, a monument farm from 1780. On the floor of the dining room building are three bedrooms for supervisors, on the ground floor is a disabled bedroom with bathroom. The second building is a separate dormitory, which contains 2 smaller and 1 large dormitory. Prominent on the site is a third central building. This building contains 3 dormitories, sanitary facilities and a large instruction and recreation room of approximately 135 m2. This building also has underfloor heating and is therefore very suitable for meetings, training, alpha courses, meditation workshops, yoga, tai chi, choir and orchestra exercises, musical, etc. with a lovely walk in the countryside in between. Finally, there is a small house on the site that can be used if desired for a course leader who wants a separate room.

Hei- en Boeicop is an agricultural ribbon village with approximately 900 residents and is located near Lexmond at 2 km from the A27. It is an old mining area between the rivers Lek and Linge with their dikes and wheels, rich in ditches and old river arms. There are about twenty nature reserves in the area, which are managed by the Utrecht Landscape. For ornithologists, the area of ​​the Zouwebezem is a dream area and along the Lek there are many secondary channels, which are rich in water birds.

The field study centre is located in an open landscape with a beautiful view at the rear over the meadows with cows and sheep. Reed fields, poplar ribbons, pollard willows and orchards alternate under beautiful cloudy skies. In short, an area that is very suitable for doing nature studies and research into an agricultural environment, but also for walks and bike rides. Peace and space are guaranteed.

Suitable for groups of 25 to about 65 participants.

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Field Study Centre Hei- en Boeicop

Hei- en Boeicopseweg 143/147A

4126 RH Hei- en Boeicop

Telephone: 06 20 05 69 77/ 0347-342085 (Geert van Griethuysen)

Email: stveldhb@xs4all.nl or geert@natuurkampen.nl


Parking is available on site at the Field Study Center. Follow the ramp with number 147A. Pass the gate and park against the edge of the playing field.