The Oeverlanden – Amsterdam

This centre is located southwest of Amsterdam in the Oeverlanden nature reserve on the Nieuwe Meer. The new building (2006) is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The building uses geothermal heat via an underground system of pipes and solar panels have been placed on the roof for the necessary electricity. In the classroom, introductions are given and field materials are studied. The Oeverlanden is an area with a wild and unspoilt character of swamp forests, reed beds, scrub and sandy patches. This new centre unites a number of important functions. Lessons for students remain the main function and will be expanded. But the NME centre is also a visitor centre; visitors can go to the NME centre for all available information about this unique nature reserve in the Slotervaart district.

The organization and implementation of the programs is provided by employees of the Field Study Foundation, located in Hei- en Boeicop, and volunteers from the association ‘De Oeverlanden Blijven’. The content of the program is determined in consultation with teachers or management and tailored to the participants involved. A multitude of activities are possible within the nature program, such as researching aquatic animals, insects and plants, but also baking sandwiches over the campfire, building huts from willow trees, etc.


Field Study Centre De Oeverlanden
Riekerweg 32

  • Phone: 06-14689269 (Paul Kamsteeg)
  • E-mail:


There is no parking at the NME centre! The nearest options are the parking lot opposite the Mercure hotel on the Oude Haagse Weg or the Ons Buiten parking lot on the Riekerweg.